Other Writing

I am the story editor at Parabola Magazine. You can find my personal essays and fairy tale & mythology criticism in most issues. Some of them are available to read online:

Gifts for Gifted Children Fall 2015

Encouragement is not about pushing or shaping or expectations. It has the word courage at its heart. If we can encourage our children, if we can fill them with courage, we will have done right by them.

Fallen Angel Summer 2015AD_Cover07

Dara spoke of the divine feminine and masculine, describing them as not opposing forces, but each a part of a greater whole. He took my hand and dipped it in water from one of the island’s holy wells. “Here you are,” he said, “the highest creation in all of nature: a beautiful young woman.” Are you sure you mean me? I thought.

Maidens & Monsters Winter 2015

There are spotless maidens and evil crones in fairy tales, true, but there are monsters as well, and it is in the monstrous that good and evil exist together, much as they do in our own hearts. The Beast has a prince within him, the selkie a beautiful maiden or youth, the werewolf an innocent man.

Embodiment-300H2The Search For One Thing Summer 2014

Those seemingly un-feminist stillnesses are nearly always there, in the most enduring of the old fairy stories. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood curled up in the wolf: what are they thinking, unthinking, as they lie there un-doing? Are they glad, un-chosen as it is, for the rest?


Flash fiction: “Old Faithful,” The Incubator Journal, Fall 2015.

Dear Teen Me, Summer 2015.

My mistranslation of the French fairy tale La Tyrannie des Fées Detruite, “The If-Tree,” is excerpted in the Yellow Issue of the Fairy Tale Review, 2013.

“Shapes: A Retelling of the Ballad “Tam Lin,” Fickle Muses, 2009.

From 2008-2010, I wrote the “Extra Ink” online column for Teen Ink.