The Forest Queen

coming in 2018

A gender-swapped retelling of the Robin Hood legend that’s perfect for fans of Robin McKinley and Tamora Pierce.

Silviana Loughsley’s heart is breaking. As her beloved father slides into dementia, her cruel brother John commandeers the family’s estate and plots to marry her off to a stranger. Instead, Silvie escapes into the forest with Bird, a handsome young huntsman, and Little Jane, a local girl who has suffered at John’s hands for years. But when the king appoints John as Sheriff, more and more people come to Silvie’s forest hideaway looking for a safe haven from his high taxes. Silvie becomes the Forest Queen, the brave leader of a growing fellowship who refuse to submit to the Sheriff’s abuses. All Silvie ever wanted was her own freedom, but when John seeks to crush the forest haven she’s built, she must fight for all those who depend on her . . . and all those whom she now loves.