Five Good Things {MECHANICA edition}

tumblr_nssujvo5za1r4vop9o2_1280·Dear Teen Me invited me to write a letter to my teenage self in advance of Mechanica‘s release, and you can read it here. I talk about cute girls, my high school boyfriend, family, and The Ridiculous Pressures Teens Face. You can also check out my prom dress, which I still feel was a solid fashion choice–although the plastic shoes maybe less so.

tumblr_nssujvo5za1r4vop9o1_500·The Mechanica street team is in full swing, and my thirty ‘teamers’ are doing amazing things, from hosting giveaways and making Pinterest boards to attending release parties. I have to play favorites, though, and say that the project that’s really taken my breath away is Laya Rose’s Jules & Nicolette portrait. All the details are precisely accurate to the book, from Nick’s kerchief and work boots to Jules’ glass-and-copper coloring. I just love it, and I’ve ordered the art print to hang in my office. (FYI to artists: I try to buy all the fan art of my books. I’m an easy sell. Srsly.)

·Speaking of launch parties, they were so much fun! I brunched with the Junior League in Baltimore, panelled with fabulous YA authors Annie Cardi and AC Gaughen in Boston, and drank Mechanica cocktails in Brooklyn. I was unprepared for the, um, potency of those drinks, by the way. I only had two and the end of that launch is much fuzzier in my memory than the beginning. Maybe I’m a children’s author for a reason.


·The Mechanica blog tour launches tomorrow! There will be ten stops at bookish sites all around the internet in the next two weeks, including guest posts, interviews, reviews, and my own Mechanica playlist. There’s even a tour-wide giveaway, so you should definitely check it out. I’ll be tweeting and FB-ing about the tour every day and doing weekly recaps here.

·Mechanica is a Spotlight pick for Amazon’s Best Books of August 2015, which means you can see it (twice!) right on their Best Books of the Month page right now. Children’s books editor Seira Wilson called it “one of my top reads this year” on Omnivoracious, which made me happy-panic a little.



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