Five Good Things, no. 11


·Well that, first of all! My editor emailed me the other night with the news and I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to tell my husband what I was laughing about. Mechanica‘s Kirkus star made me cry, but the New York Times list was a crack-up.

·He and I spent the next day touring Connemara with some friends, and of course he told every waiter and cashier we met about my Bestselling Author status while I cringed and blushed and smiled. I told him he’d just better get ready to retire as soon as some actual money comes in from my new celebrity.

·I finished a short secret book project and sent it off to my agent for inspection. I’m proud of this one and it’s kind of a new direction for me, so fingers crossed!

·We milked Nuala and Nell for the first time this week and had enough to put in the tea (Richie’s tea anyway because eugh, black tea for me thanks) plus a small batch of oatmeal soap and a tiny-tiny batch of soft cheese, just enough to mix with the garlic Richie grew last year and spread on three pieces of toast. And devour.

·For Mother’s Day, Jezebel’s toast to the brave kids who broke up with their toxic moms. When I posted this on social media the other day I heard from even more friends who’ve been through that. All of them said it was really hard but the best thing they’d ever done for themselves, which is just how I feel. There are so many of us who’ve ‘broken up with’ our parents. The more we say it, the weaker the stigma gets. We’re all here, and we’re all stronger for something hard that happened to us. Celebrate that today if nothing else. ♥

One thought on “Five Good Things, no. 11

  1. Even though we have never met, well maybe briefly, I think your an amazingly strong and thought provoking woman. I am so proud of you like a mother would be of their child.
    I like and respect you without having known you. Will take you under my wing anytime.
    Keep your strength, make good decisions and make yourself happy. That’s what I tell all my girls.

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