Five Good Things {No. 2}

(I know I said every fortnight. Shh, it’s okay.)·In case you’re impatient for the Tides companion novel, you can now read the prologue on Facebook–I released it, unlike my post on Neasa, in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

·I have a new job! I’m now a consultant at The Inkwell Group, Ireland’s leading publishing consultancy, offering manuscript critiques, online workshops, and other good things. Learn more on my editorial page.

·The ever-inspiring Anne Lamott told us that “God only has one shoe” and explained why we might not feel like reliable narrators of our own lives–something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Her trust in the creative process (and the life process, really) is something I’m always striving toward.

·There’s been a real spike in submissions to “Where I Live Now,” the ongoing series about women and home that I’m editing for The Rose & Chestnut. It’s a wonderful thing to get so many honest, vulnerable, beautifully written essays from our guest writers. The latest piece is “A Room of My Own” by Liesl Dineen. (And I’d love for you to add to the series, too!)

·These watercolor insect paintings are fairly breathtaking.



3 thoughts on “Five Good Things {No. 2}

  1. I SO want to read the prologue but won’t be able to wait if do…
    Anyway, congrats on the new job! That sounds awesome! Does the new job mean you won’t do much touring with the new books though? Because if you come to the states I’m going to make it a priority to attend at least one event!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! The Inkwell job is based from home, actually (like all my other current jobs; I <3 pajamas and hanging out with my goats) so it won't affect my ability to do book tours. That said, I have to budget for travel myself, so I'll have launch parties in New York and hopefully Boston and the Philadelphia area, but that will probably be about it for the US. I really hope I'll see you there!

      1. I’m glad the jobs are flexible! My husband works from home and loves it. Sometimes I’m jealous.

        AH! Damn my South East life! I will try to get up the coast to see you but will have to wait and see as NYC is far, far, away.

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