Five Good Things {No. 3}


·Seal madeleines. Selkie cookies! Staaaahp. I can’t handle it.

·The Marriage Referendum is coming up here in Ireland, and this letter in the Times (among other things) gives me hope that it might actually turn out right.


·I did my first Mechanica-centric author interview for the last day of this year’s #FairyTaleFortnight. You can read it, and enter to win an advance reader copy, here. Interview highlights: Dragons vs. krakens, obscure fairy tales, Smith College, and the Disney villain I like the least (even though he’s technically supposed to be a good guy).

·Speaking of Mechanica, the first early blog reviews are starting to trickle in! They’ve ranged from “the most innovative adaptation of a fairy tale released in a book for a long time” to “the most awful Cinderella retelling ever written” (both on Goodreads),  but the majority have been pretty great. One librarian gave five stars and said it’s “perfect for fans of Gail Carson Levine,” which obviously made me happy-cry. Read more early review excerpts on my Mechanica page.

tumblr_nmo5p2TC4R1qaufopo2_r1_400·RTE (Raidió Teilifís Éireann) has decided to look down upon us in mercy and show the new Outlander episodes on Tuesday nights, mere days after they premiere on cable in America. My husband knows to bring me ice cream and shut the fuck up when this show comes on, because I can’t have the brawny yet sensitive Celt I live with interrupt my viewing of the brawny yet sensitive Celt on my television. Did you SEE that opening scene from this week? No wonder the AV Club called it “the best sex on TV.” (Source of that gif is here and definitely not safe for work.)

2 thoughts on “Five Good Things {No. 3}

    1. YES it is so great. Watch so we can discuss! The AV Club’s reviews are really on point, too, I always read them after I see the latest episode.

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