Five Good Things {No. 4}

tumblr_nnmruoqq4H1qzc79io2_500·Edna St. Vincent Millay, one of my literary heroes, is now a paper doll. She will be living in my office as soon as I refill my printer. And I really do mean hero; I quoted an entire Millay sonnet in my high school yearbook, because I have always been that particular kind of pretentious. (I stand by the decision.)

tumblr_nnm124MzDe1rvy3ulo1_500·Mechanica got an elusive Kirkus star!  I cried and tweeted about it–both, probably, too much. I’ve been working on the book since 2009, so six years of doubt and heartache and worry have gone into it, and . . . I know reviews are subjective and all of that, but hearing about this one was a big affirming moment. The review might spoil the ending a small bit, so watch out for that!

·In more good book news, Barnes & Noble’s teen blog chose Tides to represent New Hampshire in their YA tour of the East Coast. (I super want to read Witch Child now.)

Roasted-Blueberry-Balsamic-Goats-Cheese-Ice-Cream-4-622x900·The summer issue of Parabola just came out, and you’ll find my essay “Fallen Angel” inside. It’s about my Inishmore handfasting, Jane Eyre, Nutcracker angels, and being a bride. It’s my favorite piece that I’ve published in Parabola so far, so I hope you’ll read it!

·Roasted blueberry balsamic goat cheese ice cream. Oh, hello. I must make you. I’ve got the cheese (and the goats). If only I had an ice cream maker.

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