Five Good Things {No. 6}

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·I am really loving Cory Godbey‘s moody, ethereal, fairytalesque artwork right now. I first found his work on Pinterest, and I couldn’t pick just one piece to show here!

·Daniel José Older‘s essay “Writing Begins With Forgiveness,” maybe the most important thing I read this week, shoots down that haunting guilt-making myth that to be a writer you must write every day.

Here’s what stops more people from writing than anything else: shame. That creeping, nagging sense of ‘should be,’ ‘should have been,’ and ‘if only I had…’ Shame lives in the body, it clenches our muscles when we sit at the keyboard, takes up valuable mental space with useless, repetitive conversations. Shame, and the resulting paralysis, are what happen when the whole world drills into you that you should be writing every day and you’re not.

Please, fellow self-hating writers, read the whole thing.

·OK, so I am always kind of obsessed with Nicki Minaj, but about once a year I go on a bender. This song may be one of her tamer ones, but it’s been really good for me lately.

·Since writing my first post on PTSD, I’ve heard from so many friends and strangers who have dealt with similar issues. It’s always breathtaking and sobering to see just how many people have trauma in their pasts, but that’s exactly why we all need to talk about it, to make ourselves part of representation. The rarer these things seem to be, the less likely it is that other people who come forward in the future will be believed. With that in mind, it was really comforting for me to read this list of seven well-known people with PTSD.

·The hedges in Galway are starting to turn for fall. We’re hoping to harvest some wild hazelnuts next week. In the meantime, I eat a blackberry breakfast on each morning walk.

Hedges turning purple. #galway #myireland

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2 thoughts on “Five Good Things {No. 6}

  1. That artwork is gorgeous it reminds me of one of my favorite fairy-tale illustrators…good old Arthur Rackham. Daniel Jose Older’s essay is totally on point. I’ve fairly well beaten down that sense of unworthiness, but it still creeps up sometimes and I definitely know too many people who need to read this. Envious of those blackberry breakfasts! The harvest isn’t up to par out here in the pacific northwest yet…I hope you’re still enjoying your wonderful Ireland adventures! 😀

    1. I am very glad you’ve beaten down that sense of unworthiness; it still creeps up on me far too often. I think it’s important that more published writers talk about it, just to help each other & beginner writers not to give up!

      Ireland is beautiful and blackberries are delicious. 🙂

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