Five Good Things {No. 7}


·My artist of the moment is Sara Falli, whose work I found Pinterest-diving for something to decorate my new editorial services page (more below). Her creepy-gorgeous gouache paintings are just lovely, and the one I’ve chosen only touches the surface.

·You can now follow my blog with Bloglovin! My new pen pal Polly’s blog, The Forest Mermaid, is the first one I followed, and I’m already enjoying all the seamless procrastinating I can do there.

·I’ve started offering editorial & mentoring services for writers, so you can hire me to review your manuscript or guide you on the scary journey to publication. Click the link for details. <3

·Ever since I learned about Cheryl Strayed’s tenure as Dear Sugar, I’ve lowkey dreamed of writing an advice column of my very own, and my latest hero of the genre is Bitter Butch. Her post on the importance of being out when bi, femme, and married to a cis dude is what drew me to her column, but this one about subtly undermining religious fanaticism is delightful and on point as helllll.

·Richie and I met on the Aran Islands three years ago this week, and our second wedding anniversary is coming up on the 24th. Awww.

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