MECHANICA Blog Tour: Week One Wrap-Up


Week one of the Mechanica blog tour has drawn to a close, and there are only three days left until publication!

Oh god.

It’s been a rollicking ride, with guest post, interviews, and reviews. There’s a tour-wide giveaway, too, where you can win a finished hardcover copy of the book plus a beautiful necklace by The Dragon’s Stash. There’s just as much to come next week, but so far we’ve had:

Monday: Interview at Fangirlish

Fairies or Leprechauns?
Fairies: they’re much more powerful and menacing than Victorian flower fairy books would lead you to believe, especially the Irish Sidhe. The Fey in Mechanica won’t stand for that flower fairy nonsense, either. And I hear leprechauns are mostly for tourists! (But that’s not a challenge to any leprechauns who might read this interview. We’re cool, guys. No need to prove your existence.) Read more

Tuesday: Review at Uncreatively Zoey

it feels like a fairytale, more than any other book I’ve ever read. The writing just immerses you in this world of magical mechanical creatures with such a rich history with Faerie, an incredible exposition of all kinds of inventions, even (of course) a ball. And the whole fairytale vibe it gave off just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Read more

Wednesday: Guest post at Two Chicks on BooksMechanica playlist

MECHANICA from cornwelle on 8tracks Radio.

Read more

Thursday: Review at A Backwards Story

It totally makes me want to see someone like Tim Burton turn it into a best-selling stop-animation movie because it would work so well! Fairy tales + Steampunk + Stop Motion + Great Message? YES PLEASE!!! Read more

Friday: Guest Post at Dark Faerie Tales: Deadly Destinations

Dear Nicolette,

There isn’t much time, but I hope you find this letter before your first visit to the Night Market with me this evening. There are some things you should know, especially since . . . well, especially since more people come to the Night Market than leave. Or leave the same, leastways. Read more

Stay tuned next week for more Mechanica goodness! By then, you’ll even be able to find the book in stores.

Oh god.

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