Mechanica II & The Forest Queen

OK. Yes. OK.


Deep breath.


I have been secreting this news away for a little while (mostly), and I can finally share it with you. From Publishers Marketplace today:

Betsy Cornwell’s two companion novels to MECHANICA, the first following an inventor and her friends to the war-torn nation of Faerie, where they uncover heartbreaking secrets and struggle to stay together as their loyalties shift, for publication in spring 2017, and the second pitched as a feminist retelling of Robin Hood to follow in 2018, again to Lynne PolvinoΒ at Clarion, by Sara Crowe at Harvey Klinger (world English).

Nick, Fin, and Caro (and Jules, who seems to be everyone’s favorite, mine included) are coming back! I am writing madly to meet my deadlines right now.

And Nick and Fin’s favorite story, that one about Caro’s great-great-whatever-grandma, is coming to you, and hopefully your bookshelf, and more hopefully your heart, in 2018.

Two more book babies. They are unruly and wonderful and I love them already.

I am so very happy, and I hope you are too.

(Nick & Jules art from the always and ever incredible Laya Rose)

12 thoughts on “Mechanica II & The Forest Queen

  1. I am indeed so very happy about this! And congrats!
    Can’t wait to read both. I was really hoping for a sequel that would take us to Faerie, so very much yay! And feminist retelling of Robin Hood? Sign me up right away!

    Write write! And good luck!

  2. WHAT COULD BE BETTER!? I’ve been kind of down in the dumps and on a book-binge so I didn’t even check my email…I can’t tell you what it feels like to wake up and see this news. Mechanica was BEGGING for a sequel and I’m delighted to hear that it is so fast in production. I hope you’re having fun with the process still and not too frantic in your effort to make all the deadlines <3 It must be so cool to be in your shoes right now and know just how many people you are going to make happy with these books! Congrats on the book deal, though I'm sure it surprises no one πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Betsy

    Love what you are doing with your writing. On a side note, I am a screenwriter who is currently looking at a few books for possible optioning. Do you have the film rights to your work or should I contact your publisher? I am interested in Mechanica.

    On behalf of the millions of kids (and adults) who you could touch, thank you for pursuing your gifts.

    Lois Frazier

  4. I litterly just finished the first book mere minuets ago and i can assure you ill do whatever it takes to buy this the day it comes out!How I’ll convince my sister to help me get it (via card) is a different problem.Best wishes on your book!I can’t wait!!!!

  5. I am soooooooooo ( times infinity and beyond) excited for the sequel to Mechanica!!! I finished Mechanica a couple of hours ago, and it was great!!!!! Then I discovered that there was another book that you made, Tides, so I decided to read that one too, and it was also great!!! Then I discovered that two more books were coming out, and I nearly died of excitement!! I am soooooooooooo glad that I got so many Barnes and Nobles gift cards now so that I can preorder them! Also, you should totally turn Mechanica into a movie! It would be awesome!!!!

  6. I just now finished reading Mechanica and went right to your website hoping to find that a sequel was in the works. You have definitely mastered the art of keeping your audience wanting more. I love that there are mysteries waiting to be revealed. I’ll be going out to get Tides very soon. Congratulations on your beautiful creation.

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