MECHANICA Movie Dream Cast

This is a movie that by necessity takes place somewhat Out Of Time, because some of these actors, okay, maybe couldn’t play teenagers anymore. But this is also a movie that Isn’t Actually Happening, so I get to take some artistic/temporal license.

There is only one character for whom I had an actor in mind from the very beginning. I had to search out most of the others–I only saw my Nicolette last week!

Nicolette/”Nick” Lampton (Cinderella): Paloma Baeza


Horseman and I watched the 1998 miniseries adaptation of “Far from the Madding Crowd” last week, and I saw Nicolette in Paloma Baeza right away. My husband actually used a line from the book on me when we had just started dating, and it worked extremely well. We’ve watched several film versions since then–although we haven’t seen the newest one yet!–and Baeza’s is my favorite interpretation of Bathsheba by far. Her full-hearted expressions and determined edge would be perfect for Nicolette.

Margot Lampton (Nick’s mother): Caitriona Balfe


Outlander much? God, I love that show. Caitriona Balfe is sharply intelligent and hot-and-cold enough to be so very Margot Lampton.

William Lampton (Nick’s father): Dan Stevens


He was kind of the ultimate good guy in Downton Abbey, but I could definitely see Dan Stevens as Nick’s slick and increasingly bigoted father, William.

Mr. Candery: Gok Wan


ILY Gok.

Stepmother: Angelica Huston


Yes, she’s already played Cinderella’s stepmother, but LITERALLY NO ONE DOES IT BETTER. Besides, I probably wouldn’t have written a Cinderella retelling if I hadn’t had my period of Ever After obsession. (And by ‘period,’ I mean from when I first watched it at age ten up until now.)

Piety & Chastity: Ashley Greene & Rebel Wilson


It was actually a toss-up between casting Rebel Wilson as Chastity or Caro, but I think she’d have more fun playing an evil stepsister.

Fin: Corbin Bleu . . . or Avan Jogia 


Do I lose cool points for casting a HSM alum? Corbin Bleu’s got the hair and the bright smile. Avan Jogia has the eyes and the smolder. Can they just have a baby? (Also, Hollywood: you need more teenage non-white actors for me to cast in my imaginary YA novel movie adaptations. Seriously.)

Caro: Adele


What, like no singer has ever crossed into acting before? Adele could be great, and Caro makes music boxes, so there’s an obvious connection. (Hollywood, you also need to provide me with a bigger roster of actresses who aren’t stick-thin.)

Fitz: Hans from Frozen


The clear choice.

(I realize that I’m a horrible person for not liking that movie.)

Lord Alming: Denzel Washington

enhanced-buzz-10947-1347994428-5It’s been him from the very start, 2009 draft onward. Denzel or bust. (And he could totally rock a giant mustache.)

I’d love to hear your own casting ideas in the comments, pretty please with a cherry on top. It’s always so interesting to see how characters look in other people’s heads, and some of my choices I still don’t feel are quite right.


10 thoughts on “MECHANICA Movie Dream Cast

  1. Lol! I love that you pin Angelica Hustan as the stepmother…literally the only thing I know her from is my favorite version of Cinderella. It was the first time I realized someone could be scary by being unresponsive and cold, not just, well, actively frightening and crazy. Also, Ashely Green does not get enough attention…I love this list from bottom to top!

    1. Thanks, Audrey! I adore Angelica Huston. I’d recommend any of the Wes Anderson movies she’s in, or The Addams Family. She does make the perfect evil stepmother!

    1. Ooh, she’s kind of perfect! She totally has Caro’s eyes, I think. (If that’s not a weird thing to say about a real person in reference to a fictional character.) I don’t usually picture specific actors when I’m reading, either (or when I’m writing, except for in Lord Alming’s case here) but it’s fun to play this game.

  2. I just finished the book and can I say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! The steampunkness of it all, the i love him, but I can do this on my own merit, it was all amazing!! As for the cast, I could definitely see all your choices. Anjelica Huston has been my favorite evil person to love since The Witches.

  3. I just finished and I’m already waiting for the sequel. So many questions left. I absolutely love your choices for cast. Good luck with everything. I will probably be there opening night for both book and movie.

  4. I think I’m going to try to write a book for my friend. She loves to read and I’ve already started on some ideas. If I do see it through I will take a lot of inspiration from you Betsy!

  5. To be honest I see fin as munro chambers, no offense on your choice I totally love it but I see fin as him ^^

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