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Pub day is only a month from now. Even though I’ve been writing Mechanica since the summer of 2009, when I was living in a tiny garage apartment and working as a nanny before my senior year of college, that seems surreal. It can’t possibly be done now, right?

Well, no, it’s not quite done. This last month before my steampunk Cinderella baby is officially born will be one of the busiest and craziest of them all, with book signings and launch parties, blog tours, this teaching job that’s kept me from blogging all summer, and a trans-Atlantic flight for good measure.

So I need your help. I’ve put together a ‘street team’ of readers and friends to promote the book up to the official release day on August 25th. I’m rewarding my street teamers with all sorts of prizes, from signed book copies to my homemade goat’s milk soap and caramel (hey, I know what the people really want!).

There are still several spots open, and I would love to have you on board! Just fill out the quick form below to get involved. You can read details about all the goodies here, too. The team is designed so you only spend as much or as little time as you’d like helping out, so don’t feel like you have to go for a big prize. Every street team member will get a special gift from me right after pub day to show my appreciation. I could seriously use all the help I can get.

We’re going to really get going on August 1st, so try to sign up by then, but you’re welcome to join afterward too!

August 25th, here we come!

Street Team Details & Prizes:

Prize A: Signed, personalized copies of Tides and Mechanica, PLUS copies of two of my favorite books, I Capture the Castle and The Bloody Chamber. To win this, earn 50 points.

Prize B: An annotated hardcover of Mechanica. I’ll go through it with little comments about the scenes, my process, and how much I love/hate/cried over this or that. To win this, earn 40 points.

Price C: A critique of a full manuscript (for writers) To win this, earn 35 points.

Prize D: A cotton Mechanica tote bag full of my handmade goat’s milk soap and caramel. To win this, earn 35 points.

Prize E: Having a character named after you in my next book. To win, earn 30 points.

Prize F: A special early sneak peek of Compass, the sequel to TidesTo win, earn 15 points.

All street team members will receive a special thank-you gift after publication.

To get these prizes, earn points. Some of you have already done these things, and those count! You can choose your prize, or split your points among several prizes.

Here’s how to earn those points:
Social Media:

1 point: Like my author page on Facebook and subscribe to notifications:

1 point: Follow my blog:

1 point: Follow me on Twitter:
1 Point: Follow me on Instagram:
Spread the word, online and in person:

2 points: Add/mark as “read” on Goodreads

3 points each (9 points total): leave a review (same review is fine) on Goodreads, Amazon, & Barnes & Noble. This is a significant help so it’s worth 3 times as much.

3 points: Tweet or post to FB (or both for 6 points) a buy link (any store you like that carries Mechanica) and a quick comment about why people should read it.

3 points: confirm with your local library that they ordered the book and will be stocking it.

3 points: Tell your friends. In any way you want. If you read and enjoyed the book, tell someone why. Word-of-mouth is the biggest marketing tool authors have, and you can reach your friends far better than I can!

5 points: Follow along on my blog tour (I’m tweeting the stops each day, and posting a round-up each week) and help share those posts. I don’t want you to spam anyone, so I’m leaving this open-ended. Find the posts that you think your followers/friends would find to be good content, and share them throughout the next 3 weeks. The tour is hosted by Rock Star Book Tours, and you can find more info here:

5 points: Buy the book (always a great way to support an author) if you want to, and tweet/post on FB a picture of you with it! Be sure to tag my author page, Betsy Cornwell (rather than my personal page, Betsy Lyons).
Release Parties:
5 points: Attend a release party! So far I have launch parties planned in Baltimore, NYC, and Boston, and there should be a few more coming your way. You can find the details on my Facebook page or my website. The schedule so far is: Baltimore August 2, NYC/Brooklyn August 8th, and Boston August 9th.
3 points: blog about a release party (I’ll send you more details if you let me know)
1 point: tweet about it
1 point: post to FB about it

3 points: Bring a friend with you (Yes, that’s 3 points per friend!)

3 points: on August 18th (one week from release day), change your Twitter profile photo to the cover of Mechanica  for the week.

3 points: change your Facebook profile photo to the cover of Mechanica from August 25th-September 2nd.
Blogging, Book Clubs, and Beyond:
3 points: Blog about the book any time from August 1st-25th. Any kind of post you can think up, from a review to a Mechanica-themed recipe, is great!

5 points: Make fan art! Draw Jules and the insects, Nick’s ball gown, Fin and Caro in their Market stall, or anything else that inspires you. Fan art is pretty much my favorite thing ever, so this is worth a couple extra points!

5 points: any awesome project you can think of. Get your library or school to read it for a book club. Buy it for holiday gifts. Host your own giveaway. Cosplay as your favorite character. Anything you want–pitch me something cool!
[Thank you to Alison Doherty and Kate Brauning for the inspiration and prize list!]

3 thoughts on “MECHANICA Street Team Signups

  1. This looks like so much fun! But I’m just wondering how you’re going to count the points? Do we tell you how many points we’ve earned at the end, or can you keep track somehow?

    1. Hi! I’m glad you’re interested, and we’d love to have you. 🙂 There will be a Google Doc to keep track of points, but I trust my street teamers and won’t be breathing down their necks or anything!

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