Parabola Podcast, Episode 4: “Innocence and Experience”

I somehow managed to read the end of Peter Pan out loud without crying. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Also included: the first part of Tracy Cochran’s very cool essay on Paradise Lost, youthful envy and arrogance, and chasing perfection.

One thought on “Parabola Podcast, Episode 4: “Innocence and Experience”

  1. Hi Betsy,
    I am a long-time subscriber to Parabola and am about to write a blog referencing your use of Peter Pan in the Innocence and Experience issue. I thought I’d see if there was a blog or podcast I might reference–and found you here.

    I had to write because I laughed out loud at your statement describing the podcast: I was finally able to read the end of Peter Pan without crying.

    On an early-morning walk with my husband today, I attempted to explain how you asked readers to reread Peter Pan from our adult perspective. What happened with my retelling also happened when I read the Parabola article: I cried.

    Thanks for bringing such wisdom–I hope you will appreciate how I use your example in a business setting. I’m not sure if the blog will be published on Huffington Post or SmartBrief on Leadership, but when it is posted, I’ll send you a link.

    In the meantime, feel free to visit–the blog will ultimately end up there for sure. 🙂

    With gratitude,

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